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PlastaFlex geomembranes meet the intense long-term durability and resilience challenges found in waste management, chemical processing, natural gas, and aquaculture industries. PlastaFlex geomembranes are guaranteed to withstand extreme temperatures, deliver exceptional tensile and puncture strength, and resist even the harshest chemical attacks.

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Plastaflex Geomembranes

Plastatech IG (Industrial Grade) Geomembrane: Developed for environmental applications like landfills, canals, ponds and other containment purposes. This geomembrane is formulated to withstand UV exposure, atmospheric pollutants and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial settings.

Plastatech FG (Fish Grade) Geomembrane: Designed for aquaculture and sensitive aquatic environments, such as fisheries, fish ponds and landscaping applications. This geomembrane provides unsurpassed tensile strength and flexibility, making it easy to install in irregularly contoured areas.

Plastatech OR (Oil Resistant) Geomembrane: Provides impervious protection from exposure to oils, fuels and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial and oil refinery settings. This geomembrane was developed as a solution for primary and secondary containment of oil products and industrial chemicals.

Plastaflex Tech5 Geomembranes

Plastatech Tech 5® Geomembrane: Helps shield the environment against harsh chemicals and other pollutants commonly found in landfills, reservoirs, chemical processing plants, refineries, manufacturing facilities and water treatment operations. Tech 5 meets the challenges found in high-stress applications requiring protective barriers, and can be easily installed in exposed work sites.

Tech 5 is reinforced with a high-tenacity, non-wicking, polyester scrim that provides exceptional dimensional stability, puncture resistance and long-term durability. Our proprietary process delivers a cohesive bond between the high-thread-count scrim and the films, creating a non-separable, long-lasting adhesion that will not delaminate.



Our continual in-line testing procedures along with results from on-going post-production audits complete our quality-assurance cycle. A Certificate of Analysis is available upon request for every product we manufacture.



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