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Cooley Engineered Membranes, a Cooley Group company, produces a broad range of impervious synthetic geomembrane products. Our liners and floating covers, tank covers and seals, and underground storage products are developed specifically to meet the ever widening environmental and related needs of the commercial, manufacturing and construction industries also the municipal, state, and federal governments, as well as the military.

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Cooley Engineered Membranes has manufactured over one million square feet of commercial roofing, miles of oil boom membranes used to contain the Gulf oil spill, hectares of reservoir liners and covers used in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, highly-engineered fabrics used for fuel tank liners on Formula 1 racing cars, and unique U.S. Military marine vehicle and liquid storage applications. KEY PRODUCTS INCLUDE C3 ®, CoolGuard ®, Coolthane ®, and CoolShield ®.





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Cooley Engineered Membranes
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